Friday, July 25, 2014

Entry # 222 - "Even Ruins Have A Particular Beauty"

Sometimes on summer afternoons my thoughts turn to poetry. Although I see myself as a writer of mostly fiction and a bit of nonfiction, reading poems gives me insights into linguistic effects possible in fiction. This morning I reread Mary Oliver's wonderful poetry collection: American Primitive and all afternoon I hear her words as music - almost as a new language - when I look about me at the ordinary things of a summer day. For example, her short poem, The Roses is running though my head as I look at the ravages of summer heat and Japanese beetles on my roses.

Even ruins have a particular beauty. Here is the poem.

The Roses

One day in summer
when everything
has already been more than enough
the wild beds start
exploding open along the berm
of the sea; day after day
the honey keeps on coming
in the red cups and the bees
like amber drops roll
in the petals: there is no end,
believe me! to the inventions of summer,
to the happiness your  body
is willing to bear.

Writing Days often benefit from Reading Days. This seems especially true on days when I must deconstruct and revise a new piece of work in the second or third draft stages.
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