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Entry # 211 - "Apprentice House: Small Press at Loyola University in Maryland."

I wanted to share this information with writers about Apprentice House, a student run small press at Loyola University in Maryland.

I've taken all the following information directly from their website to share with my blog writer friends. Contact them for more information. 


So What is Apprentice House?  

Apprentice House is the country’s only campus-based, student-staffed publishing company. Directed by professors and industry professionals, it is a non-profit activity of the Communication Department at Loyola University Maryland. The Apprentice House model creates an unprecedented collaborative environment among faculty and students, while teaching and training tomorrow’s editors, designers, and marketers.


Apprentice House only accepts 6-8 books per year, ensuring that its authors are given individual and specialized attention from students and staff alike. All design and marketing work at Apprentice House is conducted by students. Our authors enjoy knowing that their books are helping to indoctrinate students into the world of book publishing, offering them invaluable work experience and credentials for their future careers.

For the better part of the process, an author’s main point of contact will be one or more Loyola students enrolled in the publishing courses offered by the department. 

What to Expect from Apprentice House
The Acquisitions Process. Upon submission of your manuscript, your work will be assigned to students, who will review it and make an initial recommendation about whether to proceed with the acquisition, or to pass on the work. Before an author is offered an agreement, Apprentice House will review the entire manuscript and supporting materials and will discuss the work with the author.

Timeline. If you submit during the spring or fall semester, you should hear from Apprentice House within eight weeks of submission. Once formally acquired, projects may take up to 12 months to reach publication, moving through at least two academic courses and the review of students and faculty. Given that our staff consists primarily of undergraduate students, Apprentice House is often at the mercy of the academic calendar (i.e. summer, fall break, Thanksgiving and winter holidays, spring break, etc.).

Ownership. Authors retain ownership of their work, though Apprentice House retains the publication right to the acquired edition of the work.

Royalties. Apprentice House offers industry standard royalties for all forms of the published work. Because of its non-profit nature and budgetary limitations, Apprentice House cannot offer advances.

Marketing. Apprentice House is not able to provide big-budget marketing for its publication. We rely heavily on our authors to promote their books upon publication. Our marketing students select a number of titles each year for which they create marketing plans. These plans are provided to authors for implementation. Apprentice House does create/send a press release upon a book’s publication, sends up to 10 review copies to media and assists with the scheduling of media interviews.

What We Expect from Our Authors
We ask for your understanding and patience as our student editors and designers “learn by doing” throughout the semester. We also request your understanding that our academic schedule often has us unreachable during the breaks mentioned above.

We expect our authors to review any draft designs within 72 hours of receipt to ensure we can keep on our production schedule.

We expect our authors to be tireless self-promoters, and to keep us up-to-date on events, readings and reviews so we can promote your successes.

For more information go directly to their website & good luck.
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